Track 2

Track II

General management (RCNPM’24)

About the Track

Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business practices It is crucial for promoting social and environmental sustainability while driving economic growth. This conference will promote research papers that are focused on business strategies that align with the SDGs. It would make a positive contribution to create an impact on the current business environment. The current research theme makes a more focused engagement with all stakeholders to understand their perspectives on sustainability issues and the SDGs. This engagement can help shape sustainable strategy and foster support for various initiatives. The measurable and time-bound goals that contribute to the achievement of these targets can be discussed in detail in the research papers. Embedding the selected SDGs into the overall business strategy and integrating sustainability considerations into decision-making processes, innovation efforts, product development, and business model design to extend the impact of sustainability efforts across the entire value chain. It will encourage practitioners and managers to adopt sustainable practices and align with SDG principles. The conference throws light on addressing the pressing global challenges through technological advancements and creative solutions and establishes mechanisms to track and measure progress toward your SDG-related goals. Integrating the SDGs into your business practices will not only contribute to a more sustainable world but also enhance your brand reputation, attract conscious consumers, and mitigate risks associated with environmental and social issues.

Sub-Theme Topics

The Sub-themes include and are not restricted to:

  • Sustainable Business Environment
  • Sustainable Business Innovations
  • Sustainable Business Strategies
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship


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Committee Members

Advisory Committee

Fr. (Dr.) M.K. Joseph,

Dean, Department of Commerce and Professional Studies, RCSS

Dr. C.T. Francis

Head of the Department (HOD), Commerce, RCSS

Dr. Ayana Johny

Head of the Department (HOD), Department of Management & Professional Studies, RCSS

Dr. Gowri Vijayan

Area Chair, General Management, RBS


Dr. Vimal Krishnan R

Assistant Professor, General Management, Rajagiri Business School

Organising Committee

Dr. Sanjeev Ganguly
Prof. Pramodh U Korula
Dr. Susan Mathew
Dr. Subhadarshini Khatua
Dr.Bharathi Rajan
Prof. Revathi Radhakrishnan
Prof. Ebina Justin M A