Track 7

Track VII

Operations (RCOM’24)

About the Track

“Global Sustainable Practices, Indian Innovations: A Confluence of Operational Excellence”

The Rajagiri Conference on Operations Management (RCOM’24) under the theme “Global Sustainable Practices Indian Innovations: A Confluence of Operational Excellence.” Organized by a collaboration between the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS) and Rajagiri Business School (RBS), this conference will provide an unparalleled platform for thought leaders, practitioners, and academics to explore and celebrate the synergy between operational excellence, sustainability, and innovative practices.

The RCOM’24 conference will serve as a platform to explore how Indian businesses are innovatively integrating sustainable practices into their operational models. These initiatives reflect a recognition of the interconnectedness between operational efficiency and social responsibility towards the environment. By fostering dialogues around Indian innovations, RCOM'24 seeks to inspire new paradigms that can serve as exemplars for the larger business community. The motive of RCOM'24 is to beckon, professionals, researchers, and thought leaders across operations management and related fields to invite and encourage them to participate actively. By sharing insights, experiences, and perspectives, attendees will collectively contribute to the ongoing conversation about operational excellence, sustainability, and innovation.

Sub-Theme Topics

The Sub-'themes include and are not restricted to:

  • ESG Integration in value chain: navigating SEBI’s guidelines
  • Circular economy and waste management.
  • Green Supply chain Management.
  • Adoption of lean practices for sustainable operations.
  • Integration of Renewable energy.
  • Socially responsible operations.
  • Sustainable supplier selection.
  • Sustainable and ethical procurement.
  • Sustainable transportation and logistics.
  • Technology adoption in waste reduction.
  • Data driven decision making in sustainability.


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Committee Members

Advisory Committee

Dr. Arun A Elias

Director & Dean
Rajagiri Business School.

Fr. (Dr.) Saju M D CMI

Principal, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences
Executive Director, Rajagiri Business School.

Dr. Binoy Joseph

Associate Director, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences.

Fr. (Dr.) Francis Manavalan CMI

Assistant Director, Valley Campus.


Dr. Nausheen Hashmi

Assistant Professor-Operations
Rajagiri Business School, Kochi.


Prof. Deepak Babu

Area Chair- Operations, RBS

Dr. George Joseph

Assistant Professor- Operations, RBS


Dr. Anto Joseph

Assistant Professor, RCSS
SDG conference Coordinator, Valley campus

Dr. Nausheen Hashmi

Assistant Professor, RBS

Organizing Committee

(Faculty of Operations, RBS & RCSS):

Prof. Mani P Sam
Prof. Shirley Rita Luiz
Dr. Viva Mathew
Dr. Arun George
Dr. Karthick Swaminathan