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Marketing (RICIM)

About the Track

“Responsible Consumption for a Sustainable World”

Making informed decisions about the items we purchase by taking into account their benefits to the environment, society, and the economy is known as responsible consumption. An incentive for businesses to include social responsibility issues in their product offers is the growing social consciousness of consumers while making purchasing decisions (Prendergast and Tsang 2019). Consumers are becoming more socially conscious while making purchases, which is encouraging businesses to include social responsibility considerations in their product offers (Fisk 1973). Hence, researchers as well as corporate managers need to understand and evaluate the ecological ramifications of marketing actions.

In this regard, an International Conference on Insights in Marketing (ICIM’24) is being organized by the Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (RCSS), and Rajagiri Business School (RBS). The goal of ICIM’24, which has "Responsible Consumption for a Sustainable World" as its theme, is to foster a critical knowledge of marketing theory and practice with an emphasis on significant debates and cutting-edge research that defies conventional wisdom. The platform for the conference will feature discussions on the development of marketing theory and practice, as well as the role of marketing in markets, organizations, and society. To shed light on how marketing theory and practice can be further improved, the conference will also enlighten the theoretical, managerial, social, economic, and political components of marketing. The conference will serve as a premier venue for academics and industry professionals to showcase recent developments and research findings in the domains of marketing. Academics and practitioners are invited to contribute their research on current trends in marketing theory and practice at ICIM’24.

Sub-Theme Topics

The Sub-themes include and are not restricted to:

  • Consuming Sustainably
  • Green Marketing
  • Demarketing for a Better World
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • Carbon Footprint Marketing
  • Retail Marketing Innovations
  • Possessions, Consumption, and Meanings
  • Responsible Tourism Marketing
  • Marketing to Reduce Food Waste
  • Recycling and Reusing
  • Sustainable Practices in Marketing


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Committee Members


Dr. Aby Abraham

Associate Professor, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences

Dr. Jegan Jaypal

Assistant Professor, Rajagiri Business School


Dr. Balakrishna Menon

Associate Professor, RCSS

Dr. Muhammad Ahsan Sadiq

Assistant Professor, RBS

Organising Committee

Prof. Kishore Pillai
Dr. Bejoy John Thomas
Dr. Joji Alex
Dr. Smitha Siji
Prof. Harish B
Dr. Padmanabhan N S
Dr. Somesh Kumar Sinha
Dr. Swetarupa Chatterjee